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Our label of the month

Who's behind it?
The label was founded by Kazim Kazim Kazim and Andy Lemay. “One golden, one brown. One big mouth, one with loads of talent.”

Sounds like?
“The hardest question... we release music we love, and it's very eclectic. Imagine Eva Mendez is in the shower, little does she know Mila Kunis is watching and getting seriously off on it. Little does she know, the secret CCTV is being handled by Rihanna who is, well... I'll leave it there. Sexy, right? That's how we sound. On a serious note, we sound like the product of a lifetime growing up on a diet of Teddy Riley, Prince, Timbaland, Donny Hathaway and Quincy Jones.”

Who's currently on it?
“We have released music from Eliphino, Ossie, Black Orange Juice, EVM128, Baby Prince, PhOtOmachine, Artifact and others... up-and-coming we have some exciting special releases from hotsteppers Electric Wire Hustle, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Ben Pearce and a few American cats we can't mention yet.”

Who's playing it?
“Since our discography happens to be so eclectic, we end up picking up fans from all corners of the world... whether it's deep cats like Gilles Peterson, Bonobo, Four Tet and Benji B, or favourites such as Jackmaster and Skream, or hip cats such as Jamie Jones, Soul Clap, Damian Lazarus and all that crowd. We put out music which varies quite a bit, so we end up hearing all kinds of people in all kinds of places playing our music.”

What's next?
“We're just about to celebrate our third birthday, for which we're releasing a special compilation album titled 'My Love For You Is Analogue', featuring Eliphino, Ossie, Citizen, Baby Prince/Gadi Mizrahi, Move vs Gold [Wolf + Lamb & Soul Clap], Midland, Gang Colours, Lucky Paul, Miguel Campbell and much more... as well as touring some of our favourite places around the world under the same umbrella.”