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One half of Mista Men gets sinister

Joining the dots between house, techno and breaks, the name Mella Dee really splashed onto our radar with his 'Feel It Out' EP on Manucci's Mistress around easter time, following cuts that roll back to 2012. Scoring a place on our “Killers” page, the title track is gruelling tech funk built of a mutant sample and a bassline of the dirtiest, smelliest sludge imaginable.

Turns out, however, that we'd already been enjoying his well cooked garage jams for sometime, thanks to his contribution to the Mista Men partnership he formed alongside Woozee in 2010, tunes appearing on Herve's Cheap Thrills and Unknown To The Unknown.

Through Mella Dee, though, he's dived into his darker side, channeling the grimier, more sinister side of the rave. 'Estate', which dropped onto Omena in June, is a soot-slathered slice of warehouse techno with trippy beats swarming with sub-bass and 'Warehouse' is yet another warped hybrid of garage, techno and house.

Suffices to say when the opportunity to score a podcast from the man himself came along we leapt at the chance...

1. Parris - Static Tension
2. Unknown - Time & Space
3. Oushe - Pariz Illton
4. James Welsh - Trail Boss
5. Warlock - Sawhorses
6. Mella Dee - Estate
7. Callahan - Response
8. Unknown - Drumworks
9. Mella Dee - Reach Out