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Isolation soundtrack: 12 chilled mixes from the DJ Mag archive

From luxurious house and chilled grooves to mellow ambient and hypnotic d&b, let these mixes from the DJ Mag archive soundtrack your isolation lounging and kitchen dancing

These strange times have called for a slight switch-up in our home soundtracking habits. It’s safe to admit we’ve been feeling drawn to albums, mixes and streams that err a little bit on the softer side in the midst of all the mayhem. Be it gentle ambient sessions to soothe the head after hours of nervous news viewing, or nimble house mixes to get limbs moving after a long day of sitting still, music has been one of the only things keeping us sane these past few weeks. 

As well as launching our House Party stream series, a feel-good Spotify playlist, and a weekly Bandcamp round-up of our favourite new releases, we’ve had a dig through the archives of our various soundcloud series to find some of the best mixes to calm the nerves in these trying times of isolation and social distancing. From chilled out ambient and new age trips to mesmerising house and uplifting summer grooves, these mixes will make for perfect escapism soundtracks to your weekend at home, no matter what you get up to. 

Fresh Kicks: Long Island Sound

Ethereal house and breezy breaks from Dublin duo Long Island Sound, described as “a kind of ode to summer before it vanishes from our lives for a while”.

On Cue: Galcher Lustwerk

An expertly crafted mix of luxurious deep house from a master of the craft, Galcher Lustwerk.

On Cue: Kedr Livanskiy

A rhythmic start gives way to an eclectic trip across moods and styles from Kedr Livanskiy, veering from off-kilter ambient and shadowy bass to heartfelt ballads.  

DJ Mag Podcast: Ian William Craig

A spellbinding mix of melancholic and melodic atmospheres with sprawling strings and songs. One for “drinking tea and going for walks”, says Ian William Craig.

The Sound Of: Mr. Bongo

Uplifting grooves and joyful deep cuts from the folks behind Brighton label/record store, Mr.Bongo. "It’s a mixture of dancefloor club vibes and some deeper, more experimental bits,” they tell us.

On Cue: Ruf Dug

Funk fusions, jazzy disco and balearic grooves from the mighty Ruf Dug. Ideal escapism. 

DJ Mag Podcast: Kate NV

Captivating oddities, trippy minimalism and cinematic psychedelics from Kate NV. “A good one for making and drinking tea,” she tells us.

Fresh Kicks: Lucaufer

Lush electronic soundscapes, echoing rhythms and cinematic classical motifs from Lucaufer. Warm and enthralling. 

DJ Mag Podcast: Lakuti

A 98 minute mix of house, disco, soul and percussive grooves from the one and only Lakuti. "Dance, share it and spread the love,” she tells us. 

Fresh Kicks: Ann Annie (Live modular set)

Mesmerising modular improvisations and lush ambience from Ann Annie. 

DJ Mag Podcast: Seb Wildblood

Hypnotic house from Seb Wildblood.  

Fresh Kicks: RQ

Atmospheric and soulful d&b from New Zealand's RQ.

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