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Go pro with Algoriddim's latest version of their djay software

Algoriddim have conquered the mobile app market with their DJAY app for iOS  and Android devices, but unbeknownst to some they started their journey with the desktop version back in the day when Apple Macs were starting to rule the roost with their cool styling and music related kudos, so it is only apt that Algoriddim return to their roots with their latest version of the all singing and dancing DJAY software. DJAY Pro is an all new version of the DJAY software/app and takes this bad boy to an all new level. Whilst the new version brings a wealth of super sized features DJAY remains true to its original ethos - ease of use, which will appeal to beginners but it has enough grunt under the hood to be welcomed by pro DJs looking for something different than the usual suspects. Accessing the new power features in the software is a simple operation but delivers performance controls that would be found in the likes of Traktor and Serato, it's a testament to the guys at Algoriddim to design something that is capable of big things but still useable by the majority of mere mortals who do not profess to having any of the skills that would be standard fare for superstar DJs. Four deck mixing with direct access to Spotify is a first in any desktop DJing application, this really opens up the options in regards to having a world of music at your fingertips by having over 2 million tracks available instantly to drop into the mix. Just as with the previous app update, EchoNest provide the track matching service that will help identify tracks that work with the one that is currently playing.

DJAY Pro is a great piece of software that will be carving out its own niche in the digital DJ software market, whilst not indulging in the ubiquitous fight that has the usual suspects pitting it out against each other for DJ Booth supremacy but sitting back and sneaking in through the back door and gaining a legion of loyal followers this is the way that Algoriddim has been operating over the years of its existence delivering great products that appeal to both the amateur and the pro alike. Checkout more in the video below.