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Point Blank Masterclass: How to Master Your Own Tracks with iZotope Ozone 9


Ever wanted to learn how to master your own tracks? Well, you’re in luck. In Point Blank’s latest masterclass, they sat down with Dan D’Ascenzo from iZotope to demonstrate how you can use iZotope’s Ozone 9 to master your music for maximum impact.

iZotope’s Ozone is a leading mastering suite plugin that is used by world-class musicians and Grammy Award-winners everywhere for mastering their tracks. The newest version of the software, Ozone 9, features never before seen processing for low end, real-time instrument separation and lightning-fast workflows powered by machine learning. Additionally, Master Assistant can add modern or vintage vibes to your track and help you get the right loudness for streaming. The new Match EQ module can also give you a custom EQ curve taken from your favourite reference tracks, whilst Tonal Balance Control helps keep frequencies in line, letting you talk to iZotope plug-ins to fix issues across your session.

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During the video, iZotope’s Dan D’Ascenzo shows how he masters music with Ozone 9, using a brand new track from Point Blank’s in-house record label, LXDEE – ‘cloud nine (mmm yeah)’. He goes on to demonstrate the magic of three different mastering techniques – one for streaming platforms, one for digital download and one maxed out version that packs one helluva punch. Be sure to stick around until the end of the video to hear some important questions about the mastering process answered by the industry professional.