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Club Review

The climactic closing party

Having garnered a reputation as one of London's — if not Europe's — leading Sunday day parties, Secretsundaze have lined up two pioneering figures in...

Oval Space, London

If there's one particular 'crew' within the world of house and techno that always seems to spark a wave of excitement and anticipation when they announce they'll be throwing a party in London (or anywhere else for that matter), it's the Innervisions gang.

Actress, Lone and Untold at Them, Corsica Studios

There’s a charming lack of pretension to Corsica Studios. It’s a maze of corridors, a pair of dark rooms filled with little more than speakers, smoke and sweaty bodies, a bar that’s never less than nine-deep and a chilly smoking area. And it’s all tucked under a railway arch, in Elephant & Castle – a place that makes south Detroit look like a Babylonian garden.

We go underground with the Geordie techno upstarts

The product of a good few months planning and a decent slab of sickening anticipation, the still relatively new Newcastle night Jaunt> finally offered up...

Our jaws gaping in a Frankfurt football stadium at World Club Dome, we ask: have BigCityBeats really created the biggest club in the world?

From humble beginnings as a radio station, the BigCityBeats brand has grown to become something of a musical empire in Germany. In 10 years, the...

World Cup Vs techno? The real winner is the soundsystem...

World Cup football and nightclubs don't mix. Both techno music and that shiny leather sack — to a similar level — require an audience's full...

Moving with Ellen Allien & Adam Saville

Club eggheads around the world don't need to be told the significance of Sao Paulo's D-Edge club.

The north's new sensory-blasting superclub

When it comes to running a club, finding a niche is one of the most important things you can do. Proof of that comes in every city across the country, where both illicit and intimate gatherings in dirty hovels can co-exist with shiny and parochial puke-dens where Danny Dyer is the low-light of any month. When it comes to Leeds’ clubbing landscape, though, had you have asked but three months ago what the city was missing, the answer from this correspondent would have been: nothing.

We decamp to Space Ibiza’s Egyptian outpost

Over the last few years, Ibiza’s legendary Space club has evolved from a world-renowned nightspot on a tiny Balearic island into a globally recognised brand...

The 'other' side of the Middle East!

What can you expect from a house night in the Middle East? Ask anyone to comment or hazard a guess and their response is likely to involve a number of presumptions: undeniably commercial names, inaccessible hotel nightclubs, painfully overpriced drinks.

Battlejam is a pioneering new club night that works almost with completely live and improvised.

Watch JFB, Ed Solo, Beradyman and Klumzy Tung rip it up at London Club, Cargo.

Grime's edgiest label take on London's Cable

From life as a blog to grime's edgiest label, Butterz took a look back over three years of tearing up the rule book at Cable last month...

LBS, Circus, Egg, London

Laurent Garnier's last-ever London Live Booth Session (LBS) at Egg is one way to warm up a bitter winter evening...

Critical Sounds

This month DJ Mag rolled down to the South Coast to see one of the leading labels in drum and bass, Critical Records, at Brighton's Life Club.

150 and not out for d&b party-rockers

Fabric's longest-standing d&b party dips into its little black book to unleash an astonishing amount of bass on its 150th inning...