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DJ Mag Interview

Maxi Jazz also wrote the lyrics to the iconic track in under an hour, he revealed in a recent Guardian interview

Other recent interviewees include Todd Terry, David Guetta and Billy Carson

"The whole industry, live music, is in complete dire straights"

Apolo in Barcelona will trial a 1,000 person event

It’s his third mixtape-style release of the summer

Unsound resident DJ Olivia readies her new EP, ‘Dancing Snake’, on Pinkman. Hear the industrial acid groove of ‘Smoking Cage’ now

Otik returns to Keysound Recordings with two cuts of exquisite and emotive UK techno. Hear the frosty breakbeats of ‘Seasonal FX’ now 

Sicaria Sound's Cutcross Records returns with a split EP from Saule and Hi5ghost. Hear the warped bass growls on Saule’s ‘Affliction’ now

"The electronic music scene and clubbing is definitely an incredible part of our cultural and economic force... it travels all over the world globally.

There is no longer a requirement to socially distance, although mask wearing must be "continuous"