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Audio Interface

UA converters and UAD plugins and have never been more affordable...

Universal Audio have released a new two-channel interface called Arrow. The first ever Thunderbolt 3 soundcard, Arrow features two mic pres, two 1/4" TRS outputs...

Great sound is essential in this day and age. Which box of delights will take centre stage?

M-Audio M-Track 2X2M

A feature-filled, well-built portable desktop interface that is easy on the wallet.
None, its under £100.
A good...

Sounds like we have a fight on our hands, these boxes of joy deliver that all-important crucial sound.


Novation Audiohub 2x4

A top quality audio interface perfect for DJs and musicians complete with a three port USB hub.

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Point Blank’s expert sound engineering instructor reveals all

Vocals can be the heart and soul of your mix; the part of the track the ear...

A soundcard that any producer would be happy to take into battle...

Universal Audio are a company that have a legendary reputation within the studio industry thanks to equipment like their Pultec EQs and LA-2A levelling amplifier...

Watch the DJ Mag TV tutorial on Novation's AudioHub2x4

Check out our new demonstration video of Novation’s Audiohub 2x4.

Chris from Novation kindly popped into DJ Mag Towers to give us an in-depth run-through...

Scarlett Pimpernel!

Read up on Focusrite’s new Scarlett Studio package and start your own musical revolution, as we offer one reader a chance to win this complete budget studio set-up…

ESI's pocket-sized audio interface!

In Texas, big is best, but when it comes to audio interfaces for DJs, the exact opposite is true, and small becomes beautiful. The UDJ6 from ESI comes in as one of the smallest and most stylish DJ interface packages yet, and would even fit in the pocket of a hipster’s skinny jeans — yes, it’s that small! The all metal casing is curved with a lovely champagne anodised finish, which gives the UDJ6 a very classy and stylish look and feel.

Focusrite’s Forte is a new 2-in, 4-out USB interface delivering top quality sound for any DJ/producers..

Built in a compact aluminum casing, Forte features a colour OLED display, touch controls and a single large control knob for easy operation...