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Universal Audio Reveal New Arrow Interface

UA converters and UAD plugins and have never been more affordable...

Universal Audio have released a new two-channel interface called Arrow. The first ever Thunderbolt 3 soundcard, Arrow features two mic pres, two 1/4" TRS outputs, a hi-impendance instrument input and UAD's famous DSP and plugin collection. Featuring a single UAD SOLO chip, the Arrow is the most affordable UA interface yet, making their much-lauded plugs available for only £449.

The Arrow ships with the Realtime Audio Classics bundle that includes 14 plugins including Pultec EQ, Marshall amps and an LA2A clone and their real-time processing means near zero-latency monitoring, regardless of the software’s buffer settings. While the whole of the range of UAD plugs is available to Arrow users, with only one DSP chip, there’s a limited amount of power to run them.

Still, UAD have always been a leader when it comes to quality, so by lowering the entry price, it’s only going to increase their market share and bring more beginner producers into the UAD fold. If you need more power, UAD Apollo Twin Mark II is just as portable, with more power and if DSP isn't important to you, check SuperStereo's SC78 'card here