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Photograph of the late Simon DK Smith

The house DJ, who helped blaze a trail for the ’90s free party movement, died after being rushed to hospital on Wednesday evening

Simon DK Smith, co-founder of the ’90s rave crew DiY Sound System, has died aged 60. News of the DJ’s death was shared by close...

Illegal rave Cornwall

The gathering was organised to celebrate the 30th anniversary of notorious UK free party Castlemorton

Thousands of people travelled from all over the UK last weekend for an illegal rave in an old airfield that lasted three days. According to...

Iconic UK rave locations and clubs celebrated in new “road map” style prints

Castlemorton, The Haçienda, Shoom and Glastonbury all get nods in Dorothy's new Road To Nowhere collection

A new collection of road map-style prints celebrates the legacy of UK festivals, clubs and illegal raves. UK creative agency Dorothy has added four new...

Castlemorton 1992: photographing the Illegal rave that changed UK dance music forever

2022 marks the 30th anniversary of the biggest and the most infamous illegal rave that ever took place: Castlemorton – a week-long, 20,000-person party deemed so anarchistic that it shook Middle England to its core. Here, photographer Alan Lodge tells his story of capturing a week changed UK dance music forever

It started on a particularly sunny bank holiday weekend, on the 22nd May 1992. A ramshackle convoy of vehicles, which served as the rag-tag homes...

DiY sound system

Throughout the ’90s, the DiY Sound System put on countless free events, ran a recording studio and two record labels, and took their hedonistic parties around the world. Here, Harold Heath speaks to co-founder Harry Harrison about his new book, Dreaming in Yellow: The Story of the DiY Sound System, and the collective's trailblazing legacy in the free party movement

The origins of DiY Sound System date back to a mid-‘80s England that was a very different place to how it is in 2022. In...