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DJ Babatr posing in sunglasses, a black hoodie and black cap, a hilly section of city of Caracas is behind him

In the late β€˜90s and early β€˜00s, a new sound erupted from the barrios of Venezuela's capital city. Propulsive, colourful and chaotic, this was raptor house. Pedro Elias Corro, aka DJ Babatr, was its creator. Two decades later, he is at last receiving his flowers on a global scale. Alongside a fiery On Cue mix demonstrating his sound, he speaks to E.R. Pulgar about the street parties where the sound took root, the violence and racism that marred its evolution, and bringing raptor house to world

August 21st, 2005: a crowd of young Venezuelans fills the Parque Naciones Unidas, a sports complex near the barrios on the west side of Caracas...

Left: Photo of DJ Babatr leaning on a fence and looking off to the right of the camera. He's wearing a white t-shirt, glasses and a baseball cap. Right: IMAABS looking to the left of the camera against a yellow backdrop

DJ Babatr, one of the pioneering DJs and producers behind the raptor house sound of Caracas, Venezuela, is reissuing two classic tracks from his discography...