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Dalston Superstore

Photo of FLINTA DJs taking part in a Vinyl Bitch Open Decks event

The event, run by Vinyl Bitch, will feature a FLINTA-led turntable workshop and record swap followed by a club night

A new FLINTA-focused turntablism and vinyl event is set to take place at Dalston Superstore later this week. The event – run by London-based community...

Field Maneuvers festival 2024 stage hosts

Returning greats like Dalston Superstore, Dialled In, Machine and Neighbourhood join newcomers KALLIDA, Laser Dome and LOCAL. 

Field Meneuvers has confirmed the stage hosts for this summer's festival, which runs from 16th to 18th August at a secret location in Norfolk, England...

Jaye Ward with short cropped pink hair in a green, orange and yellow knitted sweater

Jaye Ward is a bastion of UK underground dance music, with a DJing career that stretches over 30 years and encompasses clubs, raves, squat parties and festivals of all kinds. Alongside a two-hour mix capturing the unbeatable energy of her Dalston Superstore residency, she chats to Ben Murphy about her eclectic music tastes, intergenerational dancefloors, and the pivotal role of LGBTQ+ people in club culture

What strikes you most when you talk to Jaye Ward is her endless passion and curiosity for music. This DJ’s expansive knowledge and love for...

London clubs unite to stop sexual harassment

There's nothing worse than, on a fun-filled night out, being hassled by some drongo. Anti-street harassment campaign group Hollaback London have just launched Good Night...

To Dalston Superstore on Friday 26th May

Exclusive House of Shade mix ahead of appearance at Banjee Boy Realness at Dalston Superstore on Friday 24th May

SOS takes over Dalston Superstore on Saturday 4th of May

SOS takes over Dalston Superstore on Saturday 4th of May with Light Year, House of Wallenberg and more

At Dalston Superstore on Friday 5th April

Banjee Boy Realness return to the East End's pioneering Dalston Superstore on Friday 5th April with more annihilating rhythms and special guest Leo Zero who has been at the forefront of club culture since the UK’s acid house explosion.