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DJ Screw

DJ Screw

In his new book, Lance Scott Walker tells the story of DJ Screw, the maestro of Houston’s chopped ‘n’ screwed ‘90s rap scene. Here, Marke Bieschke speaks to the author about this unique moment in hip-hop history, and Screw's incredible legacy

Why did hip-hop slow down to a syrupy crawl in Houston, Texas, three decades ago? There are many theories, but Houstonians, who had come late...

A little over two decades after the Houston icon's death, aged just 29

A new book on hip-hop legend DJ Screw is set to be released next year. 'DJ Screw: A Life in Slow Revolution' is slated to...

The series stars Rosha Washington as Screw

A new biopic about hip-hop innovator DJ Screw it set to be released.

Directed by Isaac “Chill” Yowman, the series focuses on the life and music...