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Eric Volta

Cosmic, psychedelic and extraordinary, Eric Volta's music is as far out as the man behind it. We asked the maker of 'Love Your Illusion' to...

In literature a 'volta' is the moment in a sonnet when everything changes — where the writer turns full circle, switching viewpoint. For Eric Volta...

The biggest tunes on the underground this month

A lot of water has travelled under the bridge since Art Department delivered 'Without You' on Crosstown Rebels in 2011. Tech house and deep house are still getting chewed up and spat out, with DJs dropping newly evolved forms of the sound as quickly as it's found its way into the charts and been picked up by stadium-filling titans such as Tiësto.

Friday at 4pm BST

Our live DJ streaming series - DJ Mag HQ Sessions - returns tomorrow afternoon, as our newly kitted-out room of boom welcomes Simon Baker and the Motek crew ahead of their Roof Party on Saturday afternoon.

Secret roof location, London

DJS: Simon Baker, Eric Volta, Jonny Cruz, Silky, Toil & Trouble, Shadow Aspect