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Secret roof location, London

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire! Not literally. We hope. This summer is shaping up to be the best we've had for a long time for outdoor parties. Not terraces, car parks or out in the street, but roof parties.

Last summer saw Bussey Building in Peckham battle with the authorities, until it had its license for rooftop parties revoked last July, leaving Krankbrother at a loose end.

This April, however, we were graced with the announcement of Panoramic at Netil360, a series of parties up in the clouds of Hackney, featuring label takeovers from Tsuba, Mad Tech and Pets, and high-flying promotions Troupe and Flux.

And now we have this. A Motek Roof Party featuring Simon Baker, Eric Volta, Jonny Cruz and Silky at a hush hush, you guessed it, up-top open-air location in London (shock horror!).

Throwing a party outdoors during our predictably unpredictable English summer is already a risk without having to worry about those guys in hi-vis jackets (and we don't mean ravers), so DJ Mag doffs its cap to Motek for going all out for this one.

Off the back of a 2nd birthday at Plan B and  some cracking events at Cafe 1001 this year, they've lined up some top-of-the-range tech house talent to take London's clued-up clubbers to new heights on Saturday 13th July. Robson & Jerome would be proud...


We asked the DJs to tell us about the most outrageous thing they've ever done on a rooftop...



"We used to do this thing at uni called 'running the gauntlet', where you would cross the whole campus only using the roofs of the buildings. One halloween, we went up there and paintballed the security hut. Luckily we got away with it. I hope my campus security aren't reading this now!"


"I'll save the really outrageous stuff — it won't make print. Before Lo*kee moved in, I threw a party on the roof of the Candy Factory, with a 2k rig. Sun and killer vibes all day. Till I heard the words 'this is not on' from an angry council member at 2am. They never come in the building. He was right in my face."


"Probably last summer in London. I was at an after-party standing close to the ledge, and over the ledge was more rooftop, so I jumped off, only to land two feet from where I jumped. Needless to say I gave a few people quite a scare, probably not the coolest thing to do, but definitely outrageous (I guess)."



"One time in Ibiza the police busted a roof-top party and we all got shipped off for searches and so on. Not exactly outrageous, but them strip-searching us with plastic gloves on was!"