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Maral shares animated video for new single, 'setar rock': Watch

It's part of a recent run of singles from the LA-based Iranian-American producer

Maral has shared a new single, 'setar rock'. Self-released today (10th July) by the LA-based Iranian-American producer, the track follows a recent run of singles...

Graphic featuring the photos of AIDA + Nesa, PEGAH, Doci, Ronisa + Milli, Paramida, Sepehr, and Maral within a green outline of Iran

For years, Iranian electronic musicians have sought to explore both the beauty and struggles of their home country through art, reflecting its culture, life and nature. Since the country’s recent uprising, sparked by police brutality and the fight for women’s rights, this has felt more pertinent and powerful than ever. Here, alongside a mix of Iranian electronic music from San Francisco-based DJ AIDA, Marke Bieschke speaks to 10 artists from Iran and its diaspora about their work, and the common threads that link them across continents

“You used to know who everyone was, there were so few of us,” says producer and Shaytoon label head Sepehr of the Iranian/Iranian diaspora's electronic...

Maral sitting in front of a glass door, her fender stratocaster at her back and her studio equipment laid out on the floor in front of her

Los Angeles-based, Iranian-American artist Maral celebrates Nowruz – Persian New Year – and the arrival of spring with her 80-minute, genre-spanning Fresh Kicks mix, and speaks to Eoin Murray about sampling, the influence of nature on her music, her unconventional DJing technique, and the inherent beauty of resistance

“Music, poetry and nature: those are the tenets of being Iranian,” says Maral, the Los Angeles-based artist whose innovative releases and DJ mixes merge elements...

Maral’s new album, ‘Ground Groove’, combines Iranian folk and club music: Listen

Her third album started as a commission for the 2021 edition of Rewire, where the Iranian-American musician collaborated with artist Brenna Murphy

Maral has a new album, titled 'Ground Groove', out now on Leaving Records. Watch the visual for the latter half of the LP below. 'Ground...