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Sam Goku

Composite image of SUCHI wearing a flowy white outfit against a purple background and Sam Goku wearing a white turtleneck in a field

Munich’s Sam Goku rounds out the new EP from SUCHI with a shimmering, late-night revamp of ‘Blåmerke’

SUCHI will release a new EP, ‘Ghungroo’, later this week via !K7 Records. Have an exclusive first listen to Sam Goku’s remix of ‘Blåmerke’. Having...

Sam Goku standing in a beige coat and baseball cap in front of a leafy park

Munich’s Sam Goku records a mix of mind-altering rave material and fast-paced techno for the Fresh Kicks series, and chats to Ria Hylton about his new album on Permanent Vacation, his evolution as a producer, and the harmonising potential of nature

Sam Goku’s productions are full of contrasts: light and airy, with lots of space, and somehow rooted, occasionally anchored by a weighty bassline that wouldn’t...