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Photo of LUMI wearing a yellow cropped rain jacket in a reflective blue room

Get acquainted with LUMI, the Seattle-based DJ and producer making a splash with her dark, stylish and introspective take on techno

Artists have different reasons for recreating themselves. LUMI can personally point to a few. “We’re constantly going through these growth cycles, and it almost feels...

Three photos of Seattle DJ Subset, aka Mark Martinez, who has been reported missing

The Webster Hall resident was last seen on Wednesday 22nd November in Tacoma, Washington

Update 7th December 2023: Mark Martinez, aka Subset, has been found safe. In a Facebook post, his sister Diane wrote: "I am so relieved to...

Photo of ZOF posing in front of a lilac and orange hued backdrop

Get acquainted with ZOF, the rising Seattle-based songwriter, producer and DJ whose exploratory electronic music pays homage to artistic reclamation

A few years ago, Zoe spent the majority of her waking hours sifting through data in labs of the Pacific Northwest. Like many rising producers...

Seattle's doom & bass don...

Drum & bass is firing on all cylinders over in the States right now, and leading the way for the darker side of the genre...

Seattle fest gears up for the big 10!

As the 'EDM' tidal wave continues to crash over The States, the club scenes of America's major cities are rightfully reaping the benefits. Seattle is no exception. Increasingly, cool after-parties playing house and techno are capturing the imagination of the city's young adults and large-scale dance events are cropping up left, right and centre. 
One festival, however, has been bringing eclectic dance sounds to the largest city in the Pacific Northwest since 2004.