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Chicago’s Trax Records sued by over a dozen artists over unpaid royalties

Trax Records, the Chicago record label that played a key role in the development of house music, is being sued by over a dozen artists...

Merle kicks off with a kickstarter

A Kickstater campaign to raise money for a repressing of Merle’s rare self-released ‘2000 (And We’re Still Here)’ EP has just 55 hours to go...

DJ Mag chats to DJ Pierre about the first proper acid house track...

Nathaniel Pierre Jones was forever tinkering around with electronic devices and mending watches when he was a kid growing up in Chicago. 

“I just naturally...

From Friday's HQ Sessions

Chicago originals over 16-CD box set

Retro house revivalism is at an all-time high. Everyone's at it. A wave of old skool-influenced tunes have even got the UK pop charts in a lather. Here to remind us just where all this music really comes from after their excellent Terry Farley compiled 'Acid Rain' collection last month is Harmless, with this ridonkulously exhaustive 16-CD box-set.

Ex-Bizarre Inc dudes pick their seven

Andy Meecham and Dean Meredith are Chicken Lips, pictured here in their cartoon guise; they were also the dudes formerly known as Bizarre Inc