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Venue Closure

Berlin venue Loophole shuts down

The art and music collective has been evicted from their Neukölln home of 15 years: "Our neighbors... sought to have us shut down by filing nearly daily reports to the police and vandalizing our space"

Berlin venue Loophole has been forced to close. The Neukölln art and music space was shut down and banned from hosting events at its Boddinstraße...

Birmingham City Council budget cuts arts and culture

The authority must plug a £300 million deficit and sell £1.25 billion in assets 

Cultural institutions in Birmingham are facing major cuts to funding following a draft budget document published earlier this week by the City Council, which effectively...

Copenhagen club Motopol is shutting down

The community and cultural venue "cannot be permitted for cultural activities" and is being forced to leave its Laplandsgade 6B location by the end of the month

Copenhagen club Motopol will close its doors for good this month. The venue's team announced the forced closure on Instagram last week, 8th February, writing...


The number of grassroots music venues in the UK dropped from 960 to 835 in 2023

Over a third of grassroots music venues in the UK are operating at a loss, according to a new report by the Music Venue Trust...

Yerevan club Poligraf announces permanent closure amid legal battles with authorities

The progressive venue has had "long-term legal battles" with Armenian police, which violently raided the club in April 2023

Yerevan, Armenia club Poligraf will be closing down following ongoing legal issues with local authorities. The venue's team announced its impending closure with "mixed emotions"...

Amsterdam’s De School announce final monthly club programme ahead of permanent closure

The world-renowned club has shared its complete December calendar — featuring Call Super, dBridge, Channel One, Peach and more — before it shuts its doors for good in the new year

Amsterdam venue De School has revealed its final monthly club programme before it permanently closes its doors in January 2024. The world-renowned club has shared...

After struggling to renew their lease, the pub will close for good in October

After operating for thirteen years, popular Dublin venue The Bernard Shaw will permanently close its doors. 

The site encompasses a pub, live music venue, outdoor...