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X-Press 2

How X-Press 2’s ‘Lazy’

Released in 2002, a dream collaboration between UK house heroes X-Press 2 and Talking Heads' David Byrne, ‘Lazy’ lit up clubs and the pop charts alike. Here, Dave Jenkins talks to the group’s Ashley Beedle, Rocky and Diesel about how the track transcended generations and genres to become a timeless hit

“Who even writes a bloody dance tune called ‘Lazy’?” laughs Ashley Beedle. Fellow X-Press 2 founders Rocky and Diesel chime in with the chuckles, as...

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The band who inadvertently defined the Balearic sound

The Woodentops were an '80s avant-funk indie band who ended up becoming more experimental and electronic and recording the definitive Balearic anthem, 'Why Why Why'. The track was picked up by legendary Ibizan DJ Alfredo, it became an anthem at Amnesia on the White Isle

The seminal tracks that changed dance music forever

X-Press 2 were one of the principal house acts in the early '90s, rocking the floors with cuts like post-hardcore progressive house cut 'Muzik Xpress' — with its memorable “Music, music, music” refrain — and the cowbell-tastic 'London Xpress'. The trio of acid house originals — Rocky, Diesel and Ashley Beedle — went their separate ways for a while in the late '90s, before coming back together just before the Millennium.

Exclusive 'Muzikism' re-rub

Over 20 years in, Rocky & Diesel aka X-Press 2 have seen more scenes emerge in their lifetime than Attenborough has seen species evolving.