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Declan McGlynn
17 June 2024, 17:31

Ableton launches new podcast, Doing Music

The first three episodes, featuring Cavetown, Sofia Kourtesis, and Equiknoxx kingpin Gavsborg, have been released 

Doing Music

Ableton has launched a new podcast aimed at music makers, producers and artists called Doing Music.

Hosted by author, broadcaster and radio producer, Craig Schuftan, the podcast aims to explore themes around creative processes and practices as well as breaking down how music is made. The first three guests, whose podcasts have already been released, are indie-pop artist Cavetown, producer, DJ and vocalist Sofia Kourtesis, and Equiknoxx kingpin Gavsborg.

The podcasts go deep into the artistic approach of each producer, with Peruvian artist Kourtesis exploring the importance of imperfection in her sound, balancing the good times with the bad, and working with one of her musical heroes, Manu Chao. You can watch a clip from that particular episode below. 

Ableton’s Doing Music podcast will return with more episodes every two weeks and is available now.

Ableton also officially released Live 12 back in March of this year.