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Declan McGlynn
31 May 2024, 11:02

Juicy Loops 2 allows you to use FL Studio’s step sequencer in Ableton Live

The new Ableton device recreates the popular DAW’s sequencer

juicy loops

YRAKI has announced Juicy Loops 2, a Max for Live device that allows Ableton users to run FL Studio’s step sequencer in Ableton Live.

FL Studio’s step sequencer was first re-created in Ableton Live via version one of YRAKI’s Juicy Loops M4L device. The FL sequencer is one of the popular DAWs main calling cards and has been a big part of the software’s mass appeal since it launched back in the late ’90s. Now, version two of the Max for Live device adds to the existing FL clone with new features.

Adding to the original’s polymetric approach, “allowing you to edit the four rows of sequences individually and combine multiple patterns of different lengths and time signatures”, the new update brings with it a new UI, 32 steps per track, easy access velocity lanes, and you can even export your new MIDI loop into Ableton as a clip to continue to work on it natively in the DAW. 

There are some other unique features like randomised velocity, different directions for each sequencer track, and some extra sample and hold options for modulation of external parameters.

The Juicy Loops 2 Max for Live device costs £20 and is available from Gumroad.

Late last year, FL Studio launched stem separation and AI mastering as part of a new FL Cloud update.