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Declan McGlynn
2 July 2024, 13:47

Ableton Live 12.1 adds real-time pitch correction

The new device joins a new Drum Sampler and extra features

Ableton 12.1

Ableton has updated its popular music-making software Live to version 12.1 and added Auto Shift, a real-time pitch correction device native to the DAW.

The new update is now in public beta and features a range of new additions and feature updates as part of the first major update since Live 12 was released earlier this year. 

The main event is Auto Shift, a real-time pitch tracking and correction advice that lets users define the scale of their track and even make polyphonic harmonies from a single voice input with MIDI sidechain. You can also add vibrato to the corrected voice for more realism. Watch the device in action in the video below.

Elsewhere, there’s a new Drum Sampler device, aimed at supporting one-shot samples. It wouldn’t be Ableton without some FX and modulation options and Drum Sampler features FM and ring modulation, as well as the ability to add a sub-oscillator layer for more low-end energy. 

On the admin side, there’s a new Auto Tagging feature which automatically assigns a tag to your samples and plugins, which is designed to save time when filtering or manually assigning sample libraries. The Limiter and Saturator devices have also been improved with new Mid/Side routing and extra features. 

Live 12.1 is available in public beta now – find out more about what’s new on the Ableton website

Live 12 added a whole swathe of new features to the popular music-making app – find out more about that here.