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Get ready for a host of new creative DJing opportunities with Ableton Link

Creative DJing and DJ performances are going to be the next big thing, forget the old adage about digital DJs not doing much, standing around pushing a single button, as the new wave of innovations and kit is making sure that the lines between traditional DJing and live performance blur as DJs explore new avenues of making the dance floor rock.

Ableton are once again pushing this side of the scene by open sourcing their Link technology (the thing that allows you to sync Live with other machines running Live as well as iOS music apps). The first desktop integration will come from Propellerheads, Serato & Cycling74 with a lot more to follow.

This has pretty far reaching implications for DJs as it means Serato & Live will sync over a wireless network. More musicians using more applications can jump straight into their performances, no matter what they’re playing. Trigger effects on an iPad in perfect sync with a Serato DJ set, build visual and other interactive systems in Max and run them in sync with a Live performance. Or get together with others and jam with applications across devices. If you’re connected to the same network, Link will keep everything in perfect time.

A current list of Link-enabled applications can be found here