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Declan McGlynn
8 June 2022, 16:42

Algoriddim djay AI lets you play separated stems directly from timecode vinyl

They’re also adding DVS control to their mobile app

algoriddim djay

Algoriddim djay is one of the world’s most popular DJing apps, especially for beginners. It offers everything you need to get started with the fundamentals of DJing, with heaps of extra features under the hood once you’ve mastered the basics. They also launched a very impressive stem separation feature called Neural Mix in 2020, meaning you could use AI to instantly separate an acapella, an instrumental, drums, basslines and more from a fully mixed stereo file. 

Now, the company is not only adding DVS to djay, making it the first time you can use timecode vinyl to control a DJ app on a mobile device, but they’re also introducing a special vinyl that uses AI tech to separate the stems directly from the timecode. That means by jumping the needle across the tracks on the reverse side of the record, you can instantly have an acapella or an instrumental to immediately start scratching without having to use your controller or mixer to do the separation. 

It’s an incredibly impressive concept and will be a dream solution for turntablists who can now access acapellas from any track directly from their timecode vinyl. DVS control is supported across a series of mixers including Reloop ELITE, Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 and S5, A&H Xone:96 and more.

Watch the video below to see it in action, and head to the Algoriddim website to learn more.