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Alogriddim djay now has support for blind and visually impaired users.

Those innovative cats over at Algoriddim have just upped the bar again with another update to their djay Pro mixing software/app that allows visually impaired DJs and users to have just as much fun as everyone else when it comes to the art of mixing.

By adding support for VoiceOver, djay Pro allows people with disabilities to use a fullfeatured DJ setup to mix music, whether professionally or as someone who just loves to play with music. Every feature of djay Pro has been carefully adapted for accessibility, so vision impaired users can seamlessly dive into the app and take advantage of its advanced mixing features.

With VoiceOver enabled, tripleclicking the Home button allows users to tap any button or slider in djay Pro to hear a description of what it does, its state, and how to operate it.

For example, tapping the tempo slider will tell by what percentage a song’s tempo has been changed, the BPM display will read out its number of beats per minute, and djay Pro will even tell users the key of a song as in “B flat minor”. This process allows visually impaired users both navigate and explore the user interface while ensuring they are always hitting the intended button. By double tapping the individual control the user can then perform the original action.

The basic process of DJing is to seamlessly mix the playing track into the next track. And to do this successfully, you need to be able to prelisten or cue the next track in your headphones to make sure it’s beatmatched and sounding great for the dancefloor. djay Pro’s seamless support for multichannel audio interfaces not only make this possible, but with VoiceOver enabled users can even hear a description of everything happening on their screen through their headphones independent of the mix that is playing through the main speakers. This revolutionizes the workflow for impaired users and opens to them the door to live creativity like never before.