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Artiphon launch new “all-in-one instrument,” the Chorda

The Chorda is being championed as a "music instrument for everyday life"

The Artiphon Chorda being played by someone placed on their lap
Image via Artiphon

Artiphon has launched a new “all-in-one instrument" called the Chorda.

Built using the brand's "multi-instrument” technology, the Chorda is designed for making music on the go and incorporates guitar, piano, drums, synths, and more instruments into the same interface. The Chorda can be played like a keyboard or drum machine or strummed like a guitar using the "smart strum" feature.

Similar to Artiphon's Obra, Chorda is designed with a 12-pad playing surface that reacts to gestures including Tap, Press, Radiate, and Tilt, while you can add Vibrato using capacitive sensing technology. The 12 pads are the same width as piano keys.

The Chorda also contains the same "revolutionary" synth and sample engine that features real instruments like electric guitars. It can be used with MIDI-based software and hardware instruments (via USB-C or wirelessly via Bluetooth MIDI) and there are also hundreds of built-in sounds.

“We believe musical instruments should adapt to the way you play, to invite creativity every day,” said Artiphon CEO Mike Butera. “We’ve dreamed of allowing anyone to play any sound they can imagine, anywhere they go, without worrying about historical instrument skills or abstract music theory.”

Kickstarter page has been launched for the Chorda, which is available to pre-order in three colours: black, white, and blue. Early bird pricing is available for customers in the US and Canada. Pledges currently start at $199.

Watch a demo video of Artiphon's Chorda below.

The instrument follows Artiphon's palm-sized handheld device the Orba 2, which was launched last year.