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Declan McGlynn
3 May 2024, 12:13

Bang & Olufsen announce £45,000 CD player

The Beosystems 9000c is a recreation of a classic ’90s unit

Beosystems 9000c

Bang & Olufsen — creator of high-end and high-design audio products — has announced the Beosystems 9000c, a CD player and speakers combo, channelling the design and aesthetic of the iconic 1990s vertical CD player of the same name that spawned a thousand ripoffs.

The new model is the latest product in Bang & Olufsen’s Recreated Classics line, rebuilt from the ground up and “guided” by David Lewis’ original design of a tall, transparent CD player that displays your music proudly. 

The player is paired with Bang & Olufsen’s own Beloab 28 speakers for a harmonious design and sound, and the Danish company has included the Beoconnect Encore to provide all the modern features music fans would expect from a hi-fi setup. That includes an adaptive bass response that responds to its placement in any room and adjusts accordingly. 

If you’ve got a CD collection gathering dust and all this sounds like up your street, you’ll have to dig deep, the Beosystems 9000c costs £45,000 and only 200 of the units have been made. You can read the full specifications on the Bang & Olufsen website.