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Spinbox's DIY turntable goes from flat-pack to functioning player in under 20 minutes

With this DIY kit from Spinbox

The new Spinbox turntable is a must for DIY vinyl enthusiasts!

The brand's new portable turntable can be assembled in under 20 minutes and includes an amp and speakers.

The flat-pack-style packaging is made from super strength paper material and the box itself forms part of the chassis of the turntable.

The complete deck looks pretty cool and whilst it may be a fun novel idea, it is also a fully functional piece of musical equipment.

The DIY Spinbox Turntable isn’t available to buy as of yet but will be launching on KickStarter in the near future. Until then check out how easy it is to assemble in the video below.

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Mick Wilson is DJ Mag’s Tech Editor. Follow him on Twitter here.