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Numark's PT01 Turntable lets DJs take their sound to the streets...

Turntables are back in vogue and Numark are not one to shy away from this fact, with the release of their new PT01 Scratch portable turntable with an innovative scratch switch that enables DJs to play records with genuine scratch effects—anywhere! Numark are calling this new breed of DJ - portable turntable enthusiasts “portablists”!!!

Perfect for DJs who want to take up a spot of busking and playing good tunes to the general public the PT01 is unique in that, as it is mentioned above, portable.

The PT01 Scratch introduces the industry’s first adjustable scratch switch on a portable turntable, enabling DJs to add their own custom scratch effects to their performance, anywhere, indoors or out. The adjustable switch easily accommodates scratching with either the left or right hand, so no matter what the DJ’s style, the PT01 Scratch is simple to use.

The PT01 Scratch also features a special non-slip cartridge system, meaning the stylus stays in solid contact with the record’s grooves regardless of playing angle or external vibrations, so records sound clear and sharp under virtually any condition.

The PT01 comes with a protective carrying case with integrated carrying handle, it also comes with an AC wall adapter or uses six “D” cells (not included) It has a built-in speaker and comes with its very own cartridge, removable slip-mat and an USB connection for recording your tracks to a computer (free downloadable software).

Whilst the PT01 is classed as portable it is a fully feature record deck in its own rights.