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Declan McGlynn
7 February 2024, 13:12

Dada Life returns with a trio of new plugins

The Secret Sauce collection features three new tools for electronic music production

secret sauce

Dada Life, the Swedish producers and creators of the much-loved plugin, Sausage Fattener, have announced a trio of new tools under the name Secret Sauce. Each plugin is designed specifically for electronic music production and is based on elements of their previous releases.

The first is called Space in Your Face and is the reverb module taken from their Endless Smile plugin, which was released six years ago. Much like Dada’s other plugins, the GUI is simple with two knobs: one for time and one for wetness. There’s also a fun animation that changes as you increase each knob.

Eternal Return creates an endlessly rising effect — also known as The Sheppard Tone — suitable for buildups and drops. Again, the plug operates with two control parameters: Amount and Pitch.

Finally, Dada Life have introduced Wide Awake, a chorus, flange, ensemble and doubler effect that uses various modulation FX to widen sounds and give them movement. Once again, the knobs are simple with Amount and Range the only tweakable options. 

The collection costs $39 for all three and is available now on the Dada Life website. Watch the video below to hear the plugs in action.

If you’re on the hunt for more dance-music-focused plugins, Beatport just launched a subscription platform called Studio.