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Declan McGlynn
2 November 2023, 16:38

Beatport launches Studio, a new plugin and sample subscription platform for producers

The new platform will allow users to rent up to 10 plugins per month

Beatport Studio

Beatport is launching a new platform for producers called Beatport Studio. The platform aims to combine the existing Loopcloud and Plugin Boutique platforms into one new subscription model, giving users access to millions of samples as well as thousands of potential plugins, through one single app and price point. 

Subscribers can choose from a range of plugin options from developers like Baby Audio, Klevgrand, Applied Acoustic Systems and Excite Audio, and users can choose up to 10 plugins per month to subscribe to. If they find they’re not using certain plugins, they can deselect them using the Beatport Access app and select a new plugin to try for the following month. If you do decide to ‘turn off’ a certain plugin, you can still open your old projects and the plugin will still work using the settings from your last save state, but the plugin UI will be frozen. A very useful addition. 

Beatport Studio also folds in Loopcloud and with it, hundreds of thousands of sounds and samples for users to choose from. The browsing now takes place inside your DAW rather than in a separate app (finally!) and loops are automatically synced to your software’s tempo. Cubase LE and Bitwig Studio 8-Track are also included as part of the subscription price.

Robb McDaniels, Beatport CEO, said: "Beatport Studio marks a significant milestone in our commitment to empowering music producers worldwide. We've harnessed the collective creative strength of Beatport’s Producer Group to deliver an integrated production marketplace that reflects our dedication to innovation and flexibility to ensure our users are at the forefront of shaping the sonic landscape.”

Beatport Studio costs £11.99 for 10 plugins and up to 100 sounds per month. Plugins can be changed every 30 days. Find out more about Beatport Studio here.

Beatport Streaming also launched on the CDJ-3000 in June this year.