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PIXELYNX and Beatport launch BeatKOR, AI-generated music creation tool

BeatKORs are the latest collection to launch on KORUS, PIXELYNX’s AI music platform

In association with Pixelynx

Photo of a green robot with the text ‘Korus x Beatport, BEATKOR, your personal music assistant’

Pixelynx and Beatport are teaming up to launch a new AI-generated music creation tool, BeatKOR.

Forming part of Pixelynx’s music platform KORUS, BeatKOR will enable participating creators and fans to remix music from a variety of artists through new interactive modes on the platform.

BeatKOR – which will be available from 13th September – is the latest in Pixelynx’s growing collection of KORs, which are digital companions that can be used to create AI-generated music via KORUS.

The KOR companions help users create new songs using officially-licensed music stems and tracks called ‘Artist DNA’, with the new collection featuring a number of prominent artists including Jitwam, Elle Shimada, Brux, and more.

Users will be able to create their own personalised remixes and gain commercial rights to them by officially putting them on the blockchain, as well as interact with music communities by voting, trading, remixing and sharing music. KORUS will also help creators to distribute their music on streaming platforms with the support from official partners.

“BeatKOR enables artists who opt in to share their stem files with fans, granting them the power to explore their own creativity through remixing,” said Robb McDaniels, CEO of The Beatport Group. “Artists are the lifeblood of the music industry, so empowering them to shape the narrative of this new era of artist-fan collaboration in a way that protects their rights is core to our philosophy with BeatKOR and everything we do at Beatport.”

Earlier this month, Pixelynx unveiled GenKOR, the first public version of KORs, which enabled fans to remix new content from mau5trap artists such as Lamorn, Speaker Honey, and Volaris, and save up to 10 of their remixed tracks for free. The launch of BeatKOR is tied to new features that further this creative experience.

Pixelynx was originally founded in 2020 by Joel Zimmerman (aka deadmau5), Richie Hawtin, Ben Turner, Dean Wilson, and Inder Phull, as a web3 platform “focused on building a music metaverse ecosystem that will transform the way artists connect and engage with their fans through gaming experiences.”

Earlier this summer, Pixelynx launched a remix competition in collaboration with Spinnin’ Records where aspiring producers could submit their own remix of Corry’s fresh take on Carroll’s Spinnin’ Records classic, ‘Walking Down The Street’. The winning remix from LA-based artist Vibratto is set to be released on the label.

Sign up for first access to BeatKOR here.