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April Clare Welsh
29 June 2023, 13:07

Pioneer DJ’s CDJ-3000 can now stream music from Beatport

StreamingDirectPlay gives you access to Beatport's catalogue of 11+ million tracks

Pioneer DJ’s CDJ-3000

Pioneer DJ’s CDJ-3000 can now stream music from Beatport.

StreamingDirectPlay, which has been made available as part of a new firmware update (ver. 3.0), is activated via a Professional or Advanced subscription with Beatport. This then gives you access to the full Beatport catalogue, which spans 11+ million songs. You can play the tracks live on up to four CDJ-3000 units connected via PRO DJ LINK.

You can sign up for a free 30-day trial here, find out more info here, and watch a tutorial video below.

Pioneer DJ first rolled out their new next-gen industry-standard DJ player, the CDJ-3000, in 2020, and have been periodically adding new features and capabilities since then, including cloud DJing, called CloudDirectPlay, which links to your Rekordbox library online.

The addition of StreamingDirectPlay follows the recent arrival of Pioneer DJ's new rekordbox iOS (ver. 4.0) app, which is linked with streaming services including SoundCloud and TIDAL (via separate subscriptions) and with the music stored on devices.

Last month, DJ Mag announced its partnership with Pioneer PRO AUDIO for a two-year deal as its Official Audio Partner.

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