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Declan McGlynn
25 March 2024, 14:44

Beatport Streaming is now available for rekordbox iOS

You can now stream Beatport’s entire library, including charts, from your phone

rekordbox iOS

Beatport Streaming is now available on rekordbox iOS, meaning you can play the whole Beatport catalogue inside the app, as well as curate playlists that will sync to your Beatport account on other devices.

The new integration allows you to search through Beatport’s full library of 12 million tracks, as well as Beatport’s curated playlists and their top 100 charts.

rekordbox iOS users can treat the new integration as purely an organisation tool, or turn a mobile device into landscape mode and access the performance mode of the app. Music can be loaded directly into each deck, and if you have a supported controller such as the DDJ-FLX4 or DDJ-200, you can perform directly from the unit using your mobile device. The app also features FX, filters, EQs, performance pads and more for micro DJing on the go. 

Once a track is loaded users can set up cue points, which will then be available on other devices, as well as any other metadata changes you make. 

Find out more about the the new version of rekordbox iOS here.

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