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Declan McGlynn
25 January 2024, 08:00

Pioneer DJ’s sister brand AlphaTheta announces new all-in-one unit, OMNIS-DUO

AlphaTheta has also announced a new wireless speaker, the WAVE-EIGHT

AlphaTheta's new OMNIS-DUO all-in-one

Pioneer DJ's new sister brand AlphaTheta has announced a new standalone, all-in-one DJ unit called the OMNIS-DUO, and a new bluetooth speaker, called the WAVE-EIGHT. They are the first products under the AlphaTheta brand name, which was announced earlier this week (23rd January).

As an all-in-one, the two-channel OMNIS-DUO allows DJs to perform without a laptop, using a USB stick or SD card. The DUO also features a central colour touchscreen, two jog wheels, eight performance pads per channel, three-band EQ per channel, crossfader, Beat FX and Colour FX controls, and Bluetooth functionality to connect directly to your smartphone.

Connection-wise, it features XLR and RCA master outputs, RCA booth connectors, two headphone outs, two mic inputs, and a line input to connect an external source. The OMNIS-DUO’s portability is enhanced by its five-hour battery life, for DJing on-location, and includes an eco mode to save power for any extended sets. AlphaTheta state that the unit takes three hours to fully charge via USB-C. You can also connect the DUO to a laptop in order to use it to control rekordboxDJ — with support for Serato Lite also confirmed to be coming in the near future.


WiFi compatibility means that you can also connect rekordbox iOS to the OMNIS-DUO to use Link Export and play music from the cloud via rekordbox CloudDirectPlay. There’s no word on any supported streaming services in the hardware yet.

The WAVE-EIGHT Bluetooth speaker features the new SonicLink technology for an ultra-low-latency wireless connection. With an an eight-hour battery life and an IXP4 waterproof rating, the speaker is designed for outdoor use, and allows users to combine multiple WAVE-EIGHT speakers wirelessly for larger spaces.

The OMNIS-DUO costs €1,599 and the WAVE-EIGHT €999. You can find out more on the AlphaTheta website

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