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Declan McGlynn
7 June 2024, 11:16

DJs can now live stream on Twitch without takedowns

The Amazon-owned live streaming platform has inked a new deal with majors and indy labels 

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Live streaming platform Twitch has signed a new deal with major and independent labels to allow DJs to stream on the platform without takedowns.

The new deal requires DJs who monetise their streams to pay part of that revenue to Twitch, who will compensate the labels based on the music played. DJs who stream on Twitch and don’t monetise do not have to pay a fee.

The new initiative does not cover video on demand (VOD), so only covers live content. Twitch has not revealed the percentage of revenue DJs will be expected to share with rightsholders, but it has said that it will split the costs 50/50 with any content creators that are liable for the fee. 

The Amazon-owned platform also added that “initially” it will cover more of that cost than the 50-50 split. Some higher-profile DJs who’ve built a bigger audience on the platform will also be liable for a 12-month subsidy, meaning they won’t pay any fee for a year. 

“DJs often build upon and leverage pre-recorded music from other artists as a critical part of their creative expression,” Twitch said in a blog post. “However, when streaming pre-recorded music over the internet, there are a variety of copyright issues that need to be considered that vary across regions.”

The news will be welcomed by DJs who’ve complained about DMCA takedown notices, strikes against their accounts and bans in recent years. Initially, the DJ Program will be opt-in, and any DJ can opt-out at any time, but they won’t then be liable for takedown protection. As mentioned above VOD is not included in the program, and this also applies to Clips and Highlights. 

Find out more about the new initiative on the Twitch website

The revenue share news was first hinted at by the Twitch Dan Clancy CEO back in April