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Declan McGlynn
6 March 2024, 16:36

Free Audience Choir plugin released by Native Instruments and Jacob Collier

The plug samples his famous live show crowd choir

jacob collier

Jacob Collier, the London-born musician, artist and content creator, has released a new free plugin in collaboration with Native Instruments called Audience Choir.

The plugin samples Collier’s own Djesse tour, which went viral on social media through a section where Collier created an audience choir by sectioning the crowd into different notes, words and parts, as he conducted the crowd into various vowel sounds, stomps, claps, oohs, aahs and more.

Each city on Colliers’ tour has its own preset, and an XY pad allows users to morph between samples, either defined by the preset or your custom assignments. Under the hood, there are more creative tools like a melodic sequencer and tuning options, delay and reverb for adding spatial effects, and stereo widening tools to re-create the sound of a real audience and concert hall. 

The plugin is available for free from the Native Instruments website and runs inside the free Kontakt player.

Last August, Native Instruments teased a new Traktor controller in the form of the portable Kontrol X1 MK3.