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April Clare Welsh
3 May 2023, 13:10

Game Boy Advance SP gets a free step sequencer

The open-source 16-step sequencer was inspired by Elektron instruments

Game Boy Advance SP overlaid on the Stepper interface

A free step sequencer is now available for the Game Boy Advance SP.

Created by musician and programmer Bad Diode, Stepper is an open-source 16-step sequencer with an "intuitive workflow" inspired by Elektron instruments and "per-trigger parametrisation that allows access to the four DMG sound channels in the console." This gives you two square wave channels, one custom wave channel and one noise channel.

According to the description, the Stepper "supports four banks of eight patterns that can be queued for live performance".

Watch a demo video for the Stepper below. The Stepper can be downloaded for free here. You can also support the product's development here.

Last year, Elektron launched its new 12-track Syntakt drum machine and synth, a fusion of digital and analogue synthesis split across eight analogue and four digital tracks. The Syntakt followed Elektron's “drum computer” and sampler Digitakt and FM synth Digitone. 

Stepper image via badd10de