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Elektron announce new £299 groovebox Model:Cycles

The Model:Cycles is six-track drum machine based on FM synthesis

Elektron have introduced Model:Cycles, a new six-track groovebox based around FM synthesis. With a similar form and lower price to the Model:Samples released last year, the Model:Cycles features six independent FM synthesis layers – Kick, Snare, Metal, Perc, Tone and Chord – which all can be played chromatically. Each layer can be shaped with four main controls – Colour, Shape, Sweep and Contour – which, depending on the sound, will shape different parameters. 

The Model:Cycles comes with the Elektron sequencer, including their famous Parameter Locking function, letting you modulate any parameter along the sixteen steps. New punch and gate features add compression or sustain to your sounds and the whole sequence and all tracks can send MIDI out to trigger other pieces of kit alongside the Model:Cycles. There's the usual delay and reverb FX as sends too, as well as USB round back for MIDI triggering and audio transfer. 

The Model:Cycles will cost £299 and is available now.