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Declan McGlynn
30 January 2024, 16:41

Korg announces portable turntable with built-in looper and FX

The Handytraxx Play is a throwback to a Vestax classic

Korg Handytraxx

Korg has announced a new portable turntable for DJs, the Handytraxx Play.

The new unit, which was created in collaboration with the late former Vestax CEO Toshihide Nakama, is a remake of the Japanese manufacturer's Handy Trax. 

Korg's new turntable is battery-powered and features a pitch knob for speed changes, a replaceable crossfader and cartridge, and even built-in 3W speakers for on-the-go listening. It supports 33, 45 and 78 RPM playback speeds.

The Handytraxx Play also features a built-in looper that lets DJs record sections of a record and play them back, while cueing up another record, essentially DJing using one deck. You can then crossfade between the looped audio and the live audio.

The speed of loops can also be adjusted on the fly, with half-speed, normal and double-speed available. The turntable also features a delay effect and an RCA out for connecting to a mixer.

The Handytraxx Play doesn’t have a price yet but you can stay up to date on the Korg website

In September, Technics announced an upgrade to their iconic turntable, the SL-1200GR2.