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April Clare Welsh
25 May 2023, 17:01

This new pastel-coloured MIDI controller is powered by the principles of tonal harmony

The Nopia was created by two Argentinian instrument designers


A new MIDI controller that works on the principles of tonal harmony has been released.

Nopia, a minimalist, semi-modular MIDI chord generator, has been crafted by Argentinian instrument designers Martin Grieco and Rocio Gal, and allows users to choose a key and build chord progressions. The tonal selector indicates the key and the chord builder melds the notes together. There are both simple and complex versions to choose from.

The pastel-coloured instrument is fitted with an arpeggiator, bass, one-octave keyboard and synth capable of blending the sound from two banks. “It’s about finding the simple things that make us feel good”, says designer Martin Grieco. 

Check out a demo video below and follow updates here.

Earlier this year, 203 Electronics launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new ultra-compact MIDI controller called the Matrix, which describes itself as "one of the thinnest and most portable MIDI devices available", measuring just 13.2mm.

Meanwhile, a new customisable MIDI controller also launched this year that enables "analogue control" of your DAW. Made by Dutch start-up Logue using a mixture of hardware and software, the CL-1 is a "fully flexible" modular MIDI controller that "gives musicians the feeling of using an analogue instrument while using their digital tools".