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April Clare Welsh
21 March 2023, 11:27

This new customisable MIDI controller gives "analogue control" of your DAW

The Logue CL-1 was inspired by the iconic Minimoog and the Jupiter-8

The Logue CL-1

A new customisable MIDI controller enables "analogue control" of your DAW.

Made by Dutch start-up Logue, using a mixture of hardware and software, the CL-1 is a "fully flexible" modular MIDI controller that "gives musicians the feeling of using an analogue instrument while using their digital tools". The screen of the CL-1 shows the parameters being controlled so you don't need to refer to your computer screen.

The design, which was inspired by the iconic Minimoog and the Jupiter-8, features anodised aluminium and slightly slanted wooden sides, which can be altered according to preference. The device aims "to bridge the gap between the analogue and digital worlds".

The CL-1 launches on Kickstarter today (21st March) and is expected to ship in 2024. Support the project and find out more about Logue via their site here

Earlier this year, a Kickstarter was launched for a new ultra-compact MIDI controller called the Matrix, which describes itself as "one of the thinnest and most portable MIDI devices available". The slimline, easy-to-use grid controller measures just 13.2mm.