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Reed releases £13k “Bauhaus style” turntable, Muse 3A

The "innovatively" designed Reed Muse 3A adheres to the "principles of the Bauhaus style"

Reed's Muse 3A

Reed have released a “Bauhaus style” turntable, named the Muse 3A.

Made out of birch plywood, the "innovatively" designed Reed Muse 3A adheres to the "principles of the Bauhaus style", with an angular shape, and comes in three colours: carnelian red, white, and black.

Key features are its capacity for two tonearms, its Coreless DC motor, and the fact that the unit’s traction system can be toggled between a belt drive or friction drive. It also comes equipped with a digital control system indicator, which displays the rotating speed of the platter and other crucial operating system info.

The Muse 3A will set you back a cool €15,000 (around £12,900). Find out more from the Reed site here.

In other turntable news, Linn recently announced the arrival of the £50,000 LP12-50 turntable to commemorate its 50th anniversary. The item has been designed by Apple’s former design chief, Sir Jony Ive.

Meanwhile, Danish industrial designer CoolGeek launched a new deck, the VS-01, which allows you to play your vinyl vertically. A new Sonos-compatible turntable was also released and follows the launch of last year's slightly more expensive Stream Carbon model.