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Poll Clubs 2019: De School

De School

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Capacity: 750

A former technical school built in the ’60s, since opening in 2016, De School has quickly become the hottest ticket in Amsterdam — particularly thanks to a careful door policy that ensures only the true heads make it past the bouncers. A sprawling network of rooms offering various types of music, mesmerising art installations and chillout spaces, heading down into the smoky blackness of the brick-walled, Funktion-One-fitted basement offers one of the most intimate, enthralling and downright gully clubbing experiences in Europe.

The past 12 months have seen a plethora of cutting-edge underground talent perform, including Aurora Halal, Roi Perez and Tzusing; while the club’s renowned Het Weekend series makes the most of the club’s 24-hour license, bringing the likes of JASSS, Interstellar Funk, Call Super, Josey Rebelle, Eris Drew and Upsammy in for full weekender sessions.

All the programming is done by the in-house team, working closely with artists to ensure impeccable line-ups and strong relationships — reflected in the fact they’ve stopped even counting how many acts are classed as residents.

Add onto that a beautifully dappled garden space, a highly respected restaurant and the educational Het Klaslokaal lecture series, and you have a space that’s so much more than a simple rave cave (though it does that superbly too).