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DJ Mag
8 July 2022, 11:07

Roger Sanchez shares DJ tips and tricks in our latest episode of How I DJ: Watch

Roger Sanchez is next up in our DJ Mag Originals series

Roger Sanchez behind the decks in DJ Mag's London HQ

Watch Roger Sanchez in DJ Mag's latest episode of How I DJ, Powered by Pioneer DJ.

How I DJ explores the unique styles of different artists, as they demonstrate their skills and techniques. With breakdowns of different ways to use a variety of DJ tech, artists give us an insight into their unique approach to DJing.

Sanchez is the latest artist in our How I DJ series. In this episode, he shares DJ tips and techniques including a demo of his four-deck mixing, using the effects built into the six-channel Pioneer DJM-V10 mixer, and creative use of Rekordbox.

You can watch the episode video below.

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