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The Northern Irish duo capture the zeitgeist with their NJ house flavour The schoolfriends from Belfast known as Bicep (Matt McBriar, 25, and Andy Ferguson, 24) have been DJing together since their early teens; since the young scallywags got themselves fake IDs and started sneaking into their hometown's techno bastion, Shine.

When school finished and they went their separate ways, they started their blog, feelmybicep, in 2008 simply as a way of passing music to each other.

Matt left Belfast for a design job in Dubai, while Ferguson landed in London. But soon enough, they found they weren't alone, and their postings of rare disco, Fleetwood Mac re-edits and underground house music began to attract an audience.

“We were running the blog, and released one or two vinyls last year,” says McBriar. “Then this year, in the space of about five months, things went insane.” The vinyl they released (the track 'Darwin') was through the New York label Throne Of Blood, and combined with a handful of collaborations and remixes for the likes of Traveller Records, Mystery Meat and Will Saul's Aus Music, their standing has rapidly galvanised.

Their single '$tripper' on Love Fever, though limited to just 500 copies, spread like wild fire. Now they're regulars at Space in Ibiza and at Manchester's Warehouse Project.

Yep, things have got a little insane, alright. But in a good way. Both currently resident in London, the pair are riding the wave of unrequested — but not necessarily unwanted — hype that has engulfed them.

Their last single 'Vision Of Love', a paean to Kerri Chandler's brand of New Jersey house music, was released on their own Feel My Bicep label. Last summer they embarked on a 30-date tour of the US, off the back of four days solid partying in Ibiza. “It was non-stop. It's just been pretty intense,” understates McBriar. “A good experience, but definitely quite intense.” Sounds like they'd probably better get used to that.

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