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Bryan Gee joins DJ Mag for a V Recordings panel

Tuesday 15th August at Work Bar...

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Bryan Gee will be joining DJ Mag this upcoming Tuesday 15th August at London’s Work Bar for a special panel discussion. The co-founder of seminal drum-and-bass label V Recordings will be joined by SUNANDBASS head honcho Stefano, DJ Patife and MC T.R.A.C.

During the panel, Gee will be presenting two new releases; ‘Viva Brazil: SUNANDBASS Sessions’ mixed by legendary Brazilian DJ/producer DJ Patife and a hip-hop/drum-and-bass project curated by up-and-comer MC T.R.A.C..

DJ Patife shared some thoughts on the ‘SUNANDBASS’ release: “As a person who loves to share, I thought about my boys in Brazil who have been following and supporting D&B all these years. I was trying to find a way for all of them, or at least a few of them to come to SUNANDBASS, and to see and feel what I was feeling.”

Doors open at 6:30pm London time and the panel starts at 7:00pm. Complimentary drinks ahead of the panel. Additionally, both an attendee of the panel and a special online viewer will receive free copies of ‘Viva Brazil: SUNANDBASS Sessions’.

The event will conclude with a Q&A session and intimate DJ sets.

It’s a free event for those on the guest list.

‘Viva Brazil: SUNANDBASS Sessions’ officially drops 25th August.