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Charting the history of hardcore with Mumdance

Hardcore will never die – Mumdance hand picks the best of the best in classic hardcore...

When Mumdance graced the cover of our UK mag in December we got to know one of the most original artists in UK dance music, and learned how he navigated the music industry through numerous set backs and false starts to stand triumphant right at the cutting edge. 

Real name Jack Adams, Mumdance’s DJ sets and productions meld grime, techno, jungle and avant-garde experimentalism to deliver the sound of one of electronic music’s most singular talents. Adams grew up with hardcore and drum & bass, and continues to throw more than a fair share of these styles into his sets. What better way to get acquainted with the history of hardcore than to get a lesson from someone who knows it best.

Listen to the best of the best classic hardcore, according to Mumdance, below.

Man Machine feat. The Forgemasters
'Man Machine (Cyber-Subsonik)'
Outer Rhythm

“Proper dark, hypnotic bleepy greatness.”

Nightmares On Wax

“Nightmares On wax is one of the original bass masters, and this is a perfect example of a bassbin rattler.”

Lennie De Ice
'We Are I.E'
I.E Records/Reel 2 Reel Productions

“One of my favourites and also one of Riko Dan's favourites, a proper landmark record.”

The House Crew
'We Are Hardcore'
Production House

“Everything about this track is top notch - absolute belter.”

Lucky Spin Records

“Love this track, it used to get hammered by the school bus Walkman crew.”

Jimmy J & Cru-L-T
'Six Days'
Remix Records

“Another big favourite, I still play this most sets.”

'Higher Love'
Stompin Choonz

“An absolute slammer from 1995, pure happy vibes.”

Dr Who
'Love Of My Life'

“Big vocal, big piano, thumpy four - four - what more do you need from a happy hardcore tune?”

DJ Brisk & Trixxy
'Eye Opener'
Slammin' Vinyl

“One of my all-time favourite helium happy hardcore vocals”

Photo credit: Chelone Wolf